Does your day ever feel like you worked all day but got nothing accomplished? This is often from having boatloads of “busy work” coming at you like emails, calls, and texts. Often people will start one task and easily get distracted by something else that needs your attention. We get diverted into another task, then another, then another…

This often leads to many unfinished tasks!

This is where time blocking or block scheduling comes in. By grouping similar tasks together (task batching) into one dedicated time, more get accomplished! Block scheduling gives you permission to ignore or set aside other tasks that keep coming your way until it is time to switch blocks. We stop letting busy work invade our focus and know that each task will have the time and attention it needs. What a relief!

It’s been scientifically proven that you actually GET MORE DONE by block scheduling over multi-tasking. Multi-tasking just make you feel super busy/productive but often the loose ends you have to pick up end up taking more of your time in the end. The benefit of block scheduling is that you actually GET MORE DONE. It prevents multi-tasking in favor of doing work slowly and mindfully. Say goodbye to overwhelm and improve creativity and focus!

How to Block Schedule

Step One: Make a list of all your weekly tasks. Do days of the week need to have a theme or goal? Are there tasks that can be grouped together, for example, can emails and returning phone calls be in the same task group? Could you do this once a day instead of 17 times a day?

Step Two: Prioritize which tasks are most important and how long you realistically need to accomplish each set of tasks or commitments. Some things are non-negotiable (like self-care and exercise!), and some things are flexible (like answering every single email).

Step Three: Design your week with task blocks and stick to it! Know that answering a non-urgent email or text can wait until it is the “email block time.” Resist the temptation to deviate from your current task or skip a block of time.

Step Four: Allow yourself some flexibility and grace when urgent items come up, nobody is perfect!

Hopefully, this helps you save time and become more productive!

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