Concierge Support

We are here for you throughout your program through direct messaging, personalized coaching and one-on-one visits.

Everything is customized.

We motivate, communicate, and connected weekly during the entire program.

Phase 1: This phase is all about investigating your hormones, genetics, and nutritional status. We focus on adrenals, thyroid and overall hormone balance.

Week 1: To us, good physical health means balanced brain chemistry and optimized hormones To curb stress, having neurotransmitter balance is key. This week’s hormonal assessment will motivate gentle habit changes. Think strategic goal setting and how to make your health-goals happen in real-life.

 Week 2: We dive deep into some “health basics.” We know you know what to do, we help you actually do it! We also know you are way too BUSY to do everything. We will cover dietary improvements, hydration, breakfast, daily habits, but promise to make it SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE in your life. Get your health humming along with digestive basics, stress management, suggested meditation homework and more.

 Week 3: No more running out the door without eating breakfast, feeling disheveled and completely unprepared for your day. Learn to simplify your daily routine creating balance, energy and motivation. Learn our favorite simple breakfast smoothie and a gentle (and simple) liver detox. Let go of sugar and caffeine addiction once and for all! We also touch in guided breathing exercises, goal check in, movement, and mindfulness.

 Week 4: This week Dr. Ali will review your neurotransmitter and hormonal results. Lab and supplement education is the name of the game this week. We refine your nutrient routine, prioritizing some incredibly effective breathing/meditation and support deeper stress management. Time to say GOODBYE BURNOUT on the physical level.

Phase 2: We know you are juggling family life, career, relationships, trying to work out, running a household and so much more. It’s time to up-level. Now that the foundations of physical health are established, it’s time to identify and let go of mental blocks, self-defeating patterns, and OVERWHELM. This phase focuses on the solar plexus and personal power with liver health, detox, personal boundaries.

Week 5: This week we take a deep dive into goal setting, and why your most important goals aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Awareness is key this week. We also discuss movement and breathing techniques. As we focus on the liver, we also talk about detoxification (both physical decluttering, and life decluttering.)

Week 6: By now you have your new routines in place. It’s time to take it up one more level by focusing on the foods that leave you feeling energized. We peek at your time management skills, self-care, and self- limiting beliefs.

Week 7: This week we focus on what motivates you and feeds your soul. We get real about identifying what depletes you in all aspects of life and the 80/20 balance. It is time to detox and declutter your life so you can focus on what is important and energizing! Learn how to do a smart seasonal cleanse to shift your body into optimal health.

Week 8: This week is incredible as we review your GENETICS and how they influence your health. Understanding your genetics will help you discover what foods are your power fuel and what vitamins may be deficient. We also discuss how your key personality traits play a role in your relationships, career, and strengths. This awareness gives you the tools to be even more effective in what matters most to you. We also address overall GI health and digestion deep dive as well as mitochondria function (think brain power!).

Phase 3. It’s time to sparkle… and it’s time to do what you love. Now that the physical and mental landscape are rocking, it’s time to live your PURPOSE. Step into your best version of yourself. This phase focuses more on the brain, as well as the energy centers that make us feel connected to something greater.

Week 9: This week we collect all of the information, data, and homework assignments you have done so far to paint a truly holistic picture of your overall wellness. We also discuss procrastination, how to combat it, and turn it into being productive (and that doesn’t mean working more… it means finally creating the time to do the things you have been wanting to do.) We will sprinkle in more lifestyle habits that actually work.

Week 10: We know you are ready now! It’s time for some major manifesting. This includes Passion vs. Purpose. Getting out of your own way and attracting the next phase of your up-leveled life.

Week 11: We take it a step further this week with visualizations, mantras, ultimate bucket lists, and more.

Week 12: Embracing the gentle shift of everything. Watching your fire burn bright with purpose. Maintenance protocol moving forward.

The Ignite Life Project includes these two labs in our program

Nutrition Genom ($299 value)

Ignite Life Hormone Panel ($199 value)


Nutrition Genome:

This simple at home DNA test kit and report guide you through a whole body approach of a personalized diet, lifestyle, and environmental insights for vibrant health. It covers 100 clinically relevant genes (151 SNPs) for a whole body approach to wellness

Diet: Learn your ideal diet type and macro metabolism, optimize weight loss

Energy: Boost daily energy levels and ensure optimum methylation

Stress & Cognitive Performance: Reduce stress and anxiety, raise cognitive performance

Hormones: Balance hormones, support thyroid health, and optimize vitamin D levels

Report updates for life

  • Personalized grocery list
  • Recommended blood work
  • Toxins / foods to avoid
  • Genetic strengths & weaknesses recap
  • 8 targeted reports profiling Digestion, Energy, Hormones, Stress & Cognitive Performance, Inflammation & Longevity, DNA Repair, Detoxification, and Athletic Performance

Ignite Salivary Hormone Panel

Hormones are essential chemical messengers which regulate routine processes in the body. Hormone imbalances can affect a wide range of body functions including:

  • metabolism and appetite,
  • heart rate
  • sleep cycles
  • reproductive cycles and sexual function
  • general growth and development
  • mood and stress levels
  • body temperature


A comprehensive assessment of individual hormones can provide patterns of imbalances in different hormones. Hormones tested are:

  • Estrone
  • Estradiol
  • Estriol
  • Progesterone
  • DHEA-s
  • Testosterone
  • DHT
  • Androstenone
  • Morning, noon, evening and night cortisol
  • Melatonin
  • 17-OH progesterone

This comprehensive panel helps assess the status of hormones in the human body. It eliminates the guesswork of determining root causes of generic and global symptoms and provides practitioners with a clear-cut picture of hormonal imbalances present.