Got the burnout blues? Go from Burnout to Bliss tool-kit.

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Join us for a 4 x 30-minute lunch break mastermind series on sex, hormones, and fatigue.


Feb 10, 17, 24th, and March 3rd.

Feb 10th: Down low on sex and libido
Feb 17th: Fatigue and burnout buster
Feb 24th: Balance the hormones crazy train
March 3rd: Mood boosting nutrition and the importance of detox.


You are your best guide when it comes to healing your body. Take home our tool kit that has been created with 30 years of combined experience guiding women to find what actually works (and sticks) in your daily routine.

Plan on better energy, better sex, and a mood that feels a whole lot lighter.
Ready to lighten up? Lose a little weight in your body, your headspace, your mood and feel like yourself again.

Feel better in the bedroom, the boardroom and your wardrobe.
Led by Dr. Ali ND and Emily Potter FDN-P