‘Best year of you Life’ 12 month Program

$49.00 / month for 12 months

Ignite Life ‘Best year of your Life’ maintenance program.



What is included:

Over the course of the year, we will offer you an informative and uplifting video from Dr. Ali and Emily each month deep diving into a topic that is relevant to you and the season! This program includes UNLIMITED email support answering all of your health-related questions when it comes to keeping your spark and fire burning bright.

This program also includes one consultation with Dr. Ali and Emily, individually, that you can use at any point in the year. (This alone is a $480 value)


Here is a snapshot of what you will see each month.

January: New year, new you.

This month includes resetting from the holidays, re-establishing a healthy routine and walking you through an optional 7 day cleanse.

February: Heart Coherence

Leading with your heart makes a huge difference in your life. Learn some scientifically proven techniques to stay in your body and in your heart when it comes to decision making and stress reduction.

March: Spring Equinox

Tap into the energy of the Spring equinox as we uplevel your detoxification in your body (specifically your liver) and in your life in general.

April: Upleveling Your Environment.

Upleveling means cleaning up your environment to best support you. This can be as simple as upgrading your bath and body products, making a few changes in your home Tap into the energy of the Spring equinox as we uplevel your detoxification in your body (specifically your liver) and in your life in general.

May: Inspire Your Mental Health

Learn some powerful things around brain health, mental health, and re-wiring your brain as you create new habits in your life that uplevel everything!

June: Summer Solstice. Healthy Living While Playing.

The longest day of the year usually means playing hard! Learn our favorite tips for balance, moderation and joyful living.

July: Beauty From the Inside Out

Healthy people just have high vibration. Their skin is clear, the whites of their eyes are bright, and their smile is authentic. We will talk high vibe foods and lifestyle tips to get you feeling your best.

August: Combating Stress and Staying balanced and Energized

Back to school month is a stressful transition for everyone! Were talking meal preparation, staying ahead of the stress and overwhelm, and finding balance in the stress hormones (which directly relates to our energy levels.

September: Fall Equinox and Anti-Aging hacks that work.

Beautiful skin radiates health. Learn our favorite go-to’s for skin health. Feel and LOOK younger after learning how to anti-age.

October: Ramp up the immune system for flu season.

It’s that time of year where the sniffles are back… and due to Covid we are all paranoid to get those sniffles. Learn how to strategically boost your immune system now and over the next few winter months.

November: Feeling good about the skin you are in.
We deep dive into healthy weight management and weight loss.

December: Winter Solstice, re-igniting as you bring in more light into your life. We support you in finding ways to bring even more light into your life through meditation and manifesting.