We here it every day…

“How can I boost my libido? Is there a quick fix, or a supplement I can take???”

Well, the answer is both yes and no. Read more to learn how to best support your sex drive, sex life and libido!

1.) Hormones 

Testosterone is the hormone in both men and women that supports sex drive, and it can definitely be low! The best way to determine testosterone levels is with a blood test. Interestingly, testosterone is diurnal, meaning that it is higher in the morning than in the evening. This means that patients need to have a morning blood draw to get an accurate testosterone reading. There are many herbs that can help balance this hormone as well so be sure. to speak with a functional medicine provider.

2. Thyroid

Thyroid dysfunction can make you tired. If you’re tired, you probably aren’t all that excited about having sex. Again, with a little herbal and nutrient support, patients can see improvements in thyroid function and an increase in their sex drive. It’s important to test thyroid health when considering a case of low libido. 

3. Physical Touch

Fostering a connection with your partner outside of sex is so important for making sex comfortable, enjoyable, and desirable. Holding hands, cuddling, and hugging are all lovely ways to nurture intimacy without having actual intercourse. Sometimes, we need to start with a more caring touch and build the physical connection back into a relationship before getting into to the more sexy stuff. Just for fun, you could have an evening where there is ‘no sex allowed,’ but see how intimate you can get. We promise, this can wrok!

4. Discomfort

One major aspect of low sex drive, especially in female patients, is pain or discomfort with intercourse (also know as dyspareunia.) As women age, their estrogen levels decrease and estrogen-sensitive tissues become less supple. Vaginal tissues are sensitive to estrogen, and vaginal dryness on account of falling estrogen levels is very common. This can happen after pregnancy, too (not just with age!) Vaginal suppositories or creams can be supremely useful in making sex less uncomfortable which usually makes it much more appealing! This can also be correlated to adequate testosterone and thyroid function. 

5.) Sex and Herbs 

My favorite herbal medicine to support sex drive is Lepidium meyenii, also known as Maca. This herb has seen a recent rise in popularity, and many of my patients report adding powdered maca to their morning smoothies. I caution my patients that too much Maca can cause elevated blood pressure, so please always consult your physician before taking herbal medicine. Also, herbs tend to work better, longer, when taken in combination, so I rarely use this herb alone. Studies have shown that patients on SSRI antidepressant medication (which has caused low libido), experience increased sexual desire when supplementing with Maca. In my clinical practice, I have seen an increase in serum testosterone levels in both men and women in whom I have prescribed Maca (among other things.) 

Other supplements we love:

Red Clove; improves sleep which helps your body rest and improves hormone balance. 

DHEA; supports adrenal stress, which is key to balancing hormones. 

Fenugreek; an Ayurvedic herb, anti-inflammatory Ashwagandha; mood balancing and potent herb to help stress 

Vitamin D; key fat- soluble hormone balancing vitamin 

What to do next: 

Have more questions about boosting your sex drive, balancing hormones, and other aspects to get having a healthy sex life? 

Reach out and let us know if we can help you get that spark back into your life. 

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