How to Sneak Exercise in a Busy Schedule

A top priority in our lives is taking care of ourselves. One of the best things we can do is working to keep an active lifestyle. With busy schedules and working long hours, it can be difficult to find time to exercise. But scheduling workouts in your day does not have to be stressful. In fact, we have some great ways you can get exercise without having to compromise anything!

Choose efficiency. Pick workouts that you can do anywhere. Something that doesn’t need a lot of preparation. Early morning workouts are great and they help you get excited for the day. The endorphin release is also an amazing way to wake up. An example of a good workout you can do in the morning is a 10-minute high intensity interval training workout. There are millions of high intensity workout videos on the internet that are quick and won’t interrupt your schedule. Another great early morning exercise that will get you excited to get out of bed is an energizing morning yoga sequence. Mellow, but effective. Exactly what we are looking for!

Create a fitness plan and write it down. Look at what days and times you have free in your schedule that you could fit activities in. By writing your fitness schedule down, you will have a better chance at committing and going through with the workouts you plan. You can focus on the hike you planned during your lunch break on Tuesday or the walk you planned with friends after work. Remind yourself that you want to make working out a priority by writing it down. 

Cater to your own likes and dislikes. You may be thinking, “Morning workouts don’t resonate with me” or “I prefer to not have a schedule and be flexible when staying active.” We hear you! One person’s yoga could be another person’s running. We are all different! Make realistic expectations for yourself. When we workout, we tend to flex our “self discipline” muscles. By choosing exercise that fits your lifestyle, personality and taste, will help it become easier staying active. Picking a workout form that you enjoy will also help you stay committed and motivated. There’s something out there for everyone! 

We encourage you to remember, something is better than nothing. Whether it’s doing wall sits while brushing your teeth or doing dumbbell curls with one hand and cooking with the other, there are ways to fit activity into your schedule in a way that will benefit your overall health.

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