Anxiety, depression, and anger. These mental health “symptoms” run rampant in our modern-day culture. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications are some of the most prescribed medications in our country.

Stress is the number one contributing factor to anxiety, depression, frustration and anger. Our lives in the United States are full of family, society, and personal pressure to perform at our peak levels at all times. Also, many of us have a history of trauma or dysfunction in our lives. These are huge contributing factors to our total stress levels.   Here are tools to help you manage stress and your mental health.

Manage Stress  + Reach out  + Treat the whole body {aka holistic wellness}

In the Ignite Life Project, we believe your mind and body should be treated as one and if your mind isn’t in alignment with your body, it’s an opportunity to connect the two. This is where bodywork like acupuncture, massage, or craniosacral therapies can be profoundly helpful. It’s also important when treating the whole body to check for nutrient deficiencies. We run lab panels to make sure our participants have the building blocks necessary to feel well. We take an extra close look at Folate, B12, and Vitamin D. Being deficient can also make these feelings worse if you are already experiencing them. 

As we all know, when we feel down, it’s easy to hibernate. Isolating, when you are feeling blue or anxious, can often make the symptoms worse. Having a good team of counselors, naturopathic doctors, friends and family has been shown to have a positive effect on depression. Know that you’re not alone and you’re loved.

We encourage you to reach out and speak with us if some of this rings true for you. We always offer complimentary calls to connect with our community and help strategize overcoming burnout and stress in your life.

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