Ignite Life ‘Best year of your Life’ is designed for the high achiever who can it do it all, has grit and passion … but is tired to the core.
And let’s get real… the recovering perfectionist thing is overrated.
This best year includes looking at the delicate balance of your work and life, your hormones, your schedule and curate a clinical health up-leveling that can meet you right where you are.

Program includes:
1) UNLIMITED email support with all of your burning health questions,
2) monthly educational videos.
3) 1 x session with Dr. Ali
4) 1 x clinical nutrition session with Emily

12 month program including education, inspiration and motivation to take action steps for change.
Each month includes a video, handouts and materials for success.

($99 value / monthly)

Session with BOTH Dr. Ali and Emily is included in your subscription.

($550 value)

Join our tribe and receive unlimited email support for the entire year. Ask us your burning questions and get answers fast.

January: New year, new you. 

This month includes resetting from the holidays, re-establishing a healthy routine and walking you through an optional 7 day cleanse. Getting real. Releasing perfection and learn some epic manifestation practices to get your year off to the right start. 

February: Who do you really need on your health support team

What do you do when the doctor tells you nothing is wrong? Labs look perfect? Bullshit, that isn’t how you feel! We deep dive into who should be on your team and why. Think of a comprehensive list of integrative providers including both medical doctors and holistic practitioners. 

March: Spring Equinox

Feeling good in your skin. This means your weight, your body, your skin. We also talk about balancing female hormones related to weight control and sparking a healthy metabolism.

April: Reducing Inflammation in your life. 

We’re not just talking in the body. We’re talking about your life, your home, your diet, your bath and body routine, and your stress. 

May: Emotional health- it’s time to get rid of the itty bitty shitty committee. 

What is worth it to you? We know you can grid like this forever, but at what cost? What makes you feel gratified. We talk about living from the heart, not just from the brain. Get out of the mundane. 

June: Performance + Longevity

You know you have great potential… but you don’t always feel like you can keep up. We deep dive into mitochondria (our cellular energy powerhouse) and talk performance and how to sustain energy long term.  This video has LOTS of tools and takeaways  that will last a lifetime (not just the next few months.) 

July: Food as medicine- the diet that keeps your body happy. 

We discuss how to figure out the best diet for you! (we promise it’s likely different than your bestie.) We talk about genetic testing to discover what and why your body needs specific nutrients. We cover our top 10 power foods for an overachievers lifestyle. 

August: Back to the basics. 

Think you already know? Maybe you do… but we are going to make this a real habit in your life. Good health wasn’t’ built on diet coke and starbucks. We are talking hydration, diet, exercise, sleep, screen time, routine, self-care etc. 

September: Grinding vs. Finding balance

Do you want to crawl into a cave when you open your schedule each morning? We’re talking about the energy you are putting in, and what you get out of it. This is a very strategic session where we offer up several tools to get clear on what you really want, dial in your schedule and how you spend your currency of energy. Stop grinding and start thriving. 

October: Ramp up the immune system 

Do you get sick a lot? It’s that time of year when the sniffles are back… and due to Covid we are still a little paranoid.  Learn how to strategically boost your immune system now and over the next few winter months.  You will learn some naturopathic tricks of the trade to catch it at the first itch in your throat. 

November: Getting off the hormone crazy train 

Learn an integrative approach to hormone balance. Learn the importance of each hormone, how to test, and a road map to feeling balanced in your skin again. 

December : Beating the winter blues… and how to keep your performance high while feeling stabilized in your brain. 

We get nerdy here as we deep dive into neurotransmitters, mood health and brain chemistry. Learn what you can do to stay afloat during the darker winter months. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Alisun Bonville (aka Dr. Ali)

I have been a practicing Naturopathic Doctor for over a decade and in the medical field since 1999, during which time I have developed a system to combine the best of modern science and traditional healing. My passion is to help women heal their bodies and optimize their lifestyles.  I am the owner and founder of Spring Integrative Health, a holistic medical clinic in Bozeman, MT where I assist women of all ages to find hormonal equilibrium.  I believe that health does not come in a bottle but from within yourself!

Hi, I’m Emily Potter

For the past 10 years, I have been guiding and supporting women to find their spark, the energy they were born to have, and the headspace and courage to create lasting lifestyle changes to feel WELL again. I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, yoga instructor, and mom of two little munchkins. I’m passionate about living a holistic life nurturing the mind, body and spirit.

Believe us… we have been there. 

We created this program because we realized that consistency is EVERYTHING when you are creating new lifestyle habits. By subscribing to The Best Year of Your Life, you locking in education and inspiration for the full year. 

We have seen this system WORK. With 30 years of combined experience, we can support gently creating new habits that create lifelong change.  


I have added a lot of significantly healthier foods to my regular eating habits, and I have changed how and when I eat so as to maintain a healthy weight and more stable mood. I have also learned which healthy foods are most important to me using a saliva DNA evaluation, so I make sure those are in my diet more often. I actually have lists of healthy meal ideas taped up in my kitchen now! 

I would definitely recommend this program! Anyone who wants to be healthier physically and emotionally would benefit significantly. In fact, anyone who wants to feel like they are more in the driver’s seat of their life would benefit.


Sherri B.

Education Program Specialist