Get your Sparkle Back

Reclaim your HEALTH, your TIME and your JOY.

Designed for women who have been ignoring themselves for far too long.

End fatigue and mood swings with hormones that are balanced (finally!)

Overcome OVERWHELM and STRESS with sustainable lifestyle changes that actually work.


We’ve been there and we know what works and how to support you.


Designed by a Naturopathic Doctor and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Meet the Ignite Life Team

Dr. Alisun Bonville (aka Dr. Ali)

Hi, I’m Dr. Alisun Bonville (aka Dr. Ali)

I have been a practicing Naturopathic Doctor for over a decade and in the medical field since 1999, during which time I have developed a system to combine the best of modern science and traditional healing. My passion is to help women heal their bodies and optimize their lifestyles.  I am the owner and founder of Spring Integrative Health, a holistic medical clinic in Bozeman, MT where I assist women of all ages to find hormonal equilibrium.  I believe that health does not come in a bottle but from within yourself!

Hi, I’m Emily Potter

For the past 10 years, I have been guiding and supporting women to find their spark, the energy they were born to have, and the headspace and courage to create lasting lifestyle changes to feel WELL again. I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, yoga instructor, and mom of two little munchkins. I’m passionate about living a holistic life nurturing the mind, body and spirit.

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Success Stories

Best Investment!

“Working with Emily was the best investment in myself I could have made.

After years of feeling dismissed by various medical providers, I was hesitant to try yet another thing.

I am so glad I did! Our sessions were like meeting with a good friend, someone who ‘got’ me. She understood my challenges and walked me through a robust program to help me understand them too so that I could grow past them. I actually looked forward to meeting with her and took copious notes. She also took copious notes that she emailed to me. Months later, I still use her emails as references.
Amy L.
Life Coach


“I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Dr Ali, you are such a wonderful doctor and person.

I appreciate you as always taking so much time to talk about my whole life, my whole self, and answer all of my questions

So genuinely and thoroughly with patience. You have a faith in and understanding of me that I don’t always have or see in myself. THANK YOU.



“Dr Ali has a true gift of making people feel comfortable with a great balance of humor, integrity and professionalism. I feel as if she really understands who I am, which allows the healing process to happen more easily.

I feel as if she really understands who I am, which allows the healing process to happen more easily.

I have been to so many different Naturopathic Physicians over the years, but never did I have the level of confidence in a physician’s medical knowledge and healing abilities until I began to see Dr. Ali.


My health is finally good! I feel proud of myself and cautiously optimistic. There are many factors that we have built upon and a clarity I feel to commit to my health.

I can say that I’ve had cycles this year of feeling so much better than I have in years; when I come back to focus and commitment, I feel good!! So I am hopeful and so appreciative of your help; especially at a time when I needed tenderness, holding and to be reminded to stay connected to GRACE!




“I have added a lot of significantly healthier foods to my regular eating habits, and I have changed how and when I eat so as to maintain a healthy weight and more stable mood. I have also learned which healthy foods are most important to me using a saliva DNA evaluation, so I make sure those are in my diet more often. I actually have lists of healthy meal ideas taped up in my kitchen now!

I have established go-to activities to take the place of stress eating. These have significantly reduced the amount of stress eating I do. If I stress eat, I have healthier options!

Sherry B.

Stubborn weight that will NOT budge and increased signs of aging.
Overwhelm from COVID and life in general.
Excessive stress draining your mood.
Fatigue and the afternoon caffeine and sugar seeking.
You can't sleep through the night and not waking rested.
"Blahs" in life. It's just lacking some luster.
Sparkler burning in the bottom left side of photo